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EasyCart Secure Hosting

What is EasyCart?

EasyCart is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that allows site owners to sell anything from physical products to digital services on nothing more than a WordPress site. EasyCart does not charge any per-product fees, and as such, has established itself as an authority. EasyCart allows you to list thousands of products on your site, build e-mail marketing lists, and do social media promotion to your clients, all within the same WordPress dashboard that you know and love. The following information is from the EasyCart website, under the frequently asked questions pane.

Payment Gateways

EasyCart for WordPress comes with all of the popular payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and After receiving a payment, you are able to connect your merchant account for analytical reporting on a daily basis so that your accounting is made easy! For those wanting to use a direct approach to processing billing, accounting support is also available via Quickbooks integration.


EasyCart allows you to sell anything! Have a recurring subscription to a membership program with multiple complex options? Make it easy with EasyCart. Want to sell your old closet? EasyCart has your back. Tired of paying thousands of dollars in transaction fees to shopping cart providers and not being able to host your own content on your domain with access to modify backend code? EasyCart for WordPress is the plugin for you.

EasyCart Secure Hosting

EasyCart Secure Hosting is a service provided by EasyCart to securely host information on your EasyCart website. Whenever you opt-in to use EC Secure Host for your EasyCart for WordPress installation, all files are sent to our secure, encrypted, and redundant servers. Backups are made around the clock, ensuring you have access to daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly copies of your files, including all changes made during the above mentioned time frames. All images, scripts, and other static files can be sent to our servers and not only are they cached and proxied through a content delivery network (CDN), they are optimized to ensure that the parent file is as efficient as it can be. We compress, minify, and do all of the hard work so you don’t have to.