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Research Directions in Distributed Parameter SystemsResearch Directions in Distributed Parameter Systems

Ralph C. Smith and Michael A. Demetriou, Editors

Frontiers in Applied Mathematics 27

Research Directions in Distributed Parameter Systems is composed of eleven chapters, written by experts in their respective fields, on topics ranging from control of the Navier-Stokes equations to nondestructive evaluation all of which are modeled by distributed parameters systems. Written by the plenary speakers for the Conference on Future Directions in Distributed Parameter Systems (October 2000), the volume addresses the state of the art, open questions, and important research directions in applications modeled by partial differential equations and delay systems, with the ultimate goal of passing along these perspectives to researchers in the field.

This book compiles a broad range of material, much of which is available only in research journals. Its goal is to disseminate to the research community the perspectives and challenges posed for a variety of current research applications. Topics include electromagnetic theory for dielectric and conductive materials, flow control, cardiovascular and respiratory models, homogenization and systems theory, optimal and geometric control, reduced-order models for large-scale systems, smart materials, and nondestructive evaluation and structural health monitoring for systems, including nuclear power plants. A unifying theme throughout the book focuses on the necessity of considering model development, numerical approximation, parameter estimation through inverse problem techniques, and control design in concert to achieve the stringent design criteria dictated by present applications.

Research Directions in Distributed Parameter Systems is intended for graduate students, academic and industrial research scientists, and program managers from funding agencies supporting research focused on distributed parameter systems.


Foreword; Preface; Chapter 1: Mathematics and Electromagnetic Theory, Richard Albanese, Richard Medina and John Penn; Chapter 2: Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Control Systems with Non-Normal Linearization: Applications and Approximations, John A. Burns; Chapter 3: Homogenization and Applications to Material Sciences, Doina Cioranescu; Chapter 4: Model Reduction for Control Design for Distributed Parameter Systems, Ruth F. Curtain; Chapter 5: Max-Plus Linear Partial Differential Equations, Wendell H. Fleming; Chapter 6: Geometric Theory of Output Regulations for Linear Distributed Parameter Systems, C.I. Byrnes, D.S. Gilliam and V.I. Shubov; Chapter 7: Smart Structures, Structural Health Monitoring and Crack Detection, Daniel J. Inman and Sergio H.S. Carneiro; Chapter 8: Survey of Research in Modeling the Human Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems, F. Kappel and J.J. Batzel; Chapter 9: Inverse Problems Related to Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation, Fumio Kojima; Chapter 10: Some Sub-Optimal Strategies for Numerical Realization of Large Scale Optimal Control Problems, Karl Kunisch; Chapter 11: Results and Conjectures for the Control of Navier-Stokes Equations, J.L. Lions; Index

2003 / xx + 271 pages / Softcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898715-48-4 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-548-2 /
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